1. DIN Tube Fittings Adapters have Metric male stud, BSPP male stud, UNF male stud, sealing types have Eolastic seal ED, O-ring, O-ring with retaining ring, Metal cutting face, sealing washer and taper thread. DIN adapters will connect to female port ends.
2. Methods of sealing, the male stud will mate with female ports as following drawing:
Flat Face Stud Sealing
O-ring Sealing in Chamfer
Taper Thread Sealing
3. Standards of male studs for all ports:
● DIN Tube Fittings And Adapter are available with several types of parallel thread port studs DIN Metric flat face (ISO 9974); BSPP flat face (ISO 1179); SAE straight threads (SAE J1926 / ISO 11926); ISO (ISO 6149); JIS (JIS B2351).
● DIN Fittings with tapered thread port studs: NPT thread ANSI/ASME B 1.20.1-1983; BSPT thread ISO 7/BS 21/DIN 2999-1; Metric thread metric DIN 3852-1, Inch thread DIN 3852-2.China Hydraulic Fittings DIN suppliers